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Studio Policies: In-Home Lessons


  • Play More Music is a group of passionate instructors with a commitment to music education. All instructors will be positive, encouraging, and honest about each student’s individual needs.
  • Lessons are taught year-round in 5 sessions. Students may enroll for 30-, 45-, or 60-minute lessons and the teacher will come at the same time each week.
  • An intro-session of lessons can be arranged: three 45-minute lessons, or four 30-minute lessons on consecutive weeks. After the trial, the student may decide to continue with the teacher/instrument or try a different one.
  • We break for the December holidays and on National holidays. As different schools have varying breaks, there are no other pre-arranged vacation days.
  • For session dates, tuition due dates, and holidays, visit
  • It is essential for the student to be prepared with their books and instrument at every lesson. Students who are repeatedly unprepared may forfeit their lesson.
  • Parents are welcome (and encouraged) to attend lessons. Parent/Teacher communication is essential.
  • In-home lessons require teachers to drive around all day. Please be sensitive to travel time as Atlanta traffic can get unexpectedly snarled. Your teacher may arrive 10 minutes on either side of your start time.
  • Students may choose to participate in some recitals and may be asked to participate in others.
  • This studio policy is subject to change. A current version of the studio policy is posted on our website.

Payment Terms

  • $36 for 30-minute lessons, $54 for 45-minute lessons, $72 for 60-minute lessons. Rates are $39/59/78 for lessons with Melissa Sebel. An “intro-session” of 4 half-hour lessons is $156.
  • A registration fee of $40 (per child, per instrument) applies to new students and students whose lessons have lapsed.
  • Those students not taking any summer lessons pay a $65/$113/$130 retainer fee to hold a 30/45/60 minute lesson with the teacher. Any student canceling lessons then resuming with the same teacher in the following session must also pay the retainer fee.
  • Books are given to a student as needed and charged to the account when ordered, < $35 per
  • Tuition is due five (5) times a year, as noted on the website calendar. Tuition is due 2-3 weeks before the next session begins. Statements are sent to the email address provided on the registration form.
  • After the tuition due date, only online payments, money orders, or cash are accepted. This also applies to new students who begin mid-session.
  • Online payments are assessed a 3.5% surcharge.
  • A 5% late fee may be applied to payments received after the due date.
  • Please make checks payable to “Play More Music” and mail to address above. Checks must be received by the due date and are not accepted after the due date each session.
  • Our secure dropbox is located at 307 St Paul Ave, Atlanta, 30312. It is attached to the front door of the studio. Please do not leave payments anywhere else. We cannot be responsible for lost payments.
  • No refunds are issued – your payment reserves a lesson slot with an instructor for the session.
  • Play More Music reserves the right to cancel any lessons and accompanying time-slots for accounts which are not paid in full. No make-up lessons or credits will be applied.  Other students may be offered the time slot.

Make-up Lessons

  • 24-hour notice is mandatory to consider an absence excused. All notification regarding scheduling must be directed to the teacher.  In addition, you can contact Melissa Sebel at 404-647-4635 or
  • One excused absence, time change, or reschedule is allowed per student, per full session. All other absences are considered unexcused and makeup lessons do not apply. Unused makeup lessons do not roll over.
  • Students wishing to make a permanent change to his or her lesson schedule must give two weeks’ notice, in writing (email), to
  • Students who register in the middle of a session are not eligible for a make-up lesson unless they are also registered for the next full session.
  • A make-up lesson will be scheduled by the teacher based on the availability of a convenient time for both teacher and student. Teachers are asked to complete all makeups by the end of each session. Makeups do not roll over.
  • Instructors are required to wait 10-15 minutes if a student is not at their lesson at the scheduled time. If there is more than one lesson at a house, the teacher will not return to that area.
  • Any lesson canceled due to a teacher’s conflict will, of course, be made up. Teachers are asked to keep their personal absences to one per session.

Summer Lessons

  • Summer lessons follow all of the aforementioned policies.
  • A full session is at least 9 lessons. Only students enrolled in a full session will get one makeup lesson during the session.
  • Students may sign up for 8 or fewer lessons on an à-la-carte basis. À-la-carte lessons may not be the same day or time each week.  At the beginning of the summer, email notification will be sent to parents with the confirmed lesson dates and times.  These are fixed lessons and do not change without a fee.
  • Lesson changes to an à -la-carte schedule are $10.00 per 30min slot and accepted upon availability in the teacher’s schedule.
  • Just as during other sessions, without 24-hour notice, no changes can be made to any schedule.
  • Students not wishing to enroll in summer lessons may place a non-refundable retainer for each student in order to continue with their teacher for the Back-to-School Session. Prices are $65/$113/$130 respectively for 30/45/60 minute lessons.
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