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How We Work

Our Mission

Play More Music™ is a group of energetic instructors with a passion and commitment to music education. Our mission is to instill a life-long love of music in our students by fostering creativity and excellence in practice and performance. It is a learning experience that takes dedication and patience, but the rewards are well worth it.

In-home Lessons

Our busy schedules sometimes make it difficult to play chauffeur for all the activities in a given week. Relax and let us come to you! In-home lessons make it possible to be preparing dinner, helping with homework, or taking a minute for yourself…and no Atlanta traffic jams!  You can also reduce your carbon footprint by taking lessons with a teacher who has an alternative fuel vehicle.

At-School Lessons

Working in conjunction with your after-school program, Play More Music™ can offer lessons to your child while in after-care. Students can also have their lesson while at school, leaving more time in the evening for homework, dinner, and family.


There are five sessions per year, with between nine and eleven weeks per session on a set schedule. Most lessons last 30- or 45-minutes, though longer lessons can be arranged. We value your family’s vacation time, and will not schedule lessons on national holidays. Many Atlanta schools have differing breaks, so we offer one makeup per semester to accommodate.

Finding the Right Teacher

Selecting the right teacher will ensure your musical experience is enjoyable and rewarding. We will work with you to choose the instructor who best fits your musician’s skill level, instruments of interest, and schedule. All instructors will be positive, encouraging, and honest about each student’s individual needs. Please view our teacher biographies to help you choose the right teacher for your child.


A full session of ten half-hour lessons is $420. We are delighted to offer 45- and 60-minute lessons as well, at your request. Lessons are typically in the student’s home, but may be arranged at the instructor’s studio based on availability.

“Ah, music. A magic beyond all we do here!” Albus Dumbledore