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In Home Private Music Lessons for any age, skill, or instrument!

Play More Music™ is a group of energetic instructors in Atlanta, GA with a passion and commitment to music education. Our mission is to instill a life-long love of music in our students by fostering creativity and excellence in practice and performance.

We welcome students of all abilities to develop their skills and enjoyment of music through in-home private lessons. We offer year-round study, including classical, contemporary, jazz, and popular styles. We explore performance, composing, theory, and music history. No prior musical experience is necessary. Lessons are available for all ages, preschool through adult. If you like music, there's always Play More Music™.

In addition to outstanding private teaching, we also offer a complete music education through:

  • Listening to local and national artists and music faculty at regional universities perform.
  • Learning about music by attending classes and special workshops on theory, history, musicianship, and other topics.
  • Performing at student recitals and community outreach events. Playing for an audience develops auditory skills and gives every musician a goal to work towards.

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“After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.” Aldous Huxley