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Summer Registration

As we all prepare for the end of the school year, please consider how your family will keep musically active this summer.  During the year, the students have diligently worked at improving their technique and musicality.  Music is a lot like math; it is important to keep up with practice so students do not lose the skills they have mastered.  Play More Music offers flexible options to continue music lessons through the summer:

2024 Summer Session: May 28 – Aug 4
No lessons on Memorial Day or July 4th
Tuition or Retainer Due: Wednesday, May 1, 2024


À-La-Carte Lessons ($252 +)

This gives you the opportunity to schedule between 3 and 10 lessons to maintain your musical “chops”.  The lessons will be at different times to accommodate your summer availability and your instructor’s weekly schedule.  Because summer session is self-curated, there are no makeup lessons like during the school year. The deadline for à-la-carte registration is May 1, 2024.  Confirmation of dates and times will be sent via email by May 18.

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I can’t take any summer lessons: 

If you cannot take lessons, but would like to secure your spot with the same instructor for the next school year, you can pay a retainer of $100 per student.  If a student does not take summer lessons or retain their teacher, they will be placed with a new teacher and be considered a new student and a $55 registration fee is due when they re-enroll for lessons. The deadline for placing a retainer is May 1, 2024. Please notify of your plans.


Rock More Music ($479):

This is a popular immersive music program! We will learn to rock out in bands of 3-6 students each, paired according to age, style, proficiency, and schedule. Any instrument/voice 6-18 years old with experience is eligible. Included in tuition, rock stars will receive 60-minutes of private lesson time with an instructor. The group will then meet at the practice space in the Rock More Music studio in West Buckhead six times for 90-minutes, plus a dress-rehearsal (7 practices total). The practice schedule will be determined by May 18 and will be based on the band members’ availability.  An all-ages “gig” will be held mid-August. We will have a professional videographer and sound manager, as well as sell T-shirts with our bands names. RAWK!

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“After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.” Aldous Huxley