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Preschool Music Lessons

Play More Music™ provides developmentally appropriate group music lessons for all ages as well as private lessons for children 4 and older. We do this all from the convenience of your pre-school or after-school center. Exposure to music can teach vital lessons in interpersonal skills, patience, and confidence as well as open a whole new world of possibilities for creative expression. If music is missing at your center, Play More Music can bring a valuable enrichment opportunity to your program.

Group Lessons

Group music lessons help children of all ages develop their motor skills, verbal skills and imagination. Our teachers visit each of your classrooms, providing your students with live music, instruments, and books so they can sing, laugh, and wiggle. We love to help the kids write their own songs, too!

Private Lessons

Play More Music™ can provide one-on-one piano lessons to your students during your regular hours of operation. The students will discover the joys of learning an instrument with an experienced instructor while providing parents with the convenience of an at-school activity. Billing for private lessons can be done through Play More Music or directly through your billing department.


Play More Music™ conducts center wide programs, holiday concerts and/or recitals for solo performers. These performances give our musicians a chance to perfect their work, show off their ability and technique, and perform in front of an audience. These are all important life skills that are a critical part of a child’s developmental foundation. Recitals can be held at your center or at the Play More Music neighborhood location.

Our Teachers

Play More Music™ employs highly trained and qualified area instructors for all instruments. Our teachers all have experience with small children in group settings and have undergone an extensive backround check. Play More Music instructors are positive, encouraging, and honest about each student’s individual needs. Please meet our teachers. We love teaching and your students will love learning!

“Music is your own experience, your thoughts, your wisdom. If you don't live it, it won't come out of your horn.” Charlie Parker